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"" is a service that we provide to collect and display weather data submitted from IoT devices like Arduinos or raspberry Pi's.

It's free to use and as is is being developed by us you can request features and changes and we are most likely going to implement them.

It all started as a simple DIY project but as it we started to add more and more features and it got more and more complicated the idea to make a public service out of it started to grow.

Interesting? Here is what it looks like:

On mobiles you should look here as the iframe on this page is buggy on small screens.
Now you know what it looks like but if you want to get and if you want to get your own chart you can just follow these steps:
Getting started
As there is some stuff tehat needs to be managed we created a handy tool called ISM (Itsblue sensor manager (verry creative I know) ) to have a nice interface to do that.
Obviosly you need an account for ISM. To get that you need to register yourself here. You will be sent an email with a link thet you need to open in order to activate your account.
After doing that you can log into ISM. You should be taken to a screen that looks something like that:
We are sorting the data by locations so next you wanna create your location
Creating your location
In the ISM you need to go to the tab "add location" to do that:
There you need to fill out all fields and click "submit".
Now you have created your location, but  if you want do submit some data you need to create you first sensor.
Creating your first sensor
Therefor just klick on "manage sensors"
You should be taken to this dialog:
 Here you can click on "New" and fill out the popup which should lokk like this:
 "sensor name" can be everything you want.
 "property" should match the property of your sensor.
 At "location name" you should be able to select your perviously created location.
 At "valunit" you need select the valueunit of your sensor (if you have a x-in-one-sensor you need to create a seperate sensor for every valuetype).

 If eveything was successfull you should see your sensor on the sensormanager page.

 Now you probaply want to submit your first data.

Submitting your data

Submitting your data is verry simple you just need to send a POST-request to http(s):// with the following data:

username -> your username

password -> your password

sensorid -> the id of the sensor you have created

value -> the value you have measured with your sensor

timestamp -> the current UNIX Timestamp

You can do that with almost any programming language and on every platform we will realease a sample code for the esp8266 soon as it is not completely finished yet.

(if you really need some examplecode and can't wait for the release just wirte us an email :-) )

Now you have submitted your data you shurely want to see your graph:

Viewing your data

The simple way is to just use our linegraph ( )

The more complicated was is to use your dataqery ( )

There you can define a location and a timespan and it will output a json file with all measvalues:

The request should look smoeting like this:

Like this you can use your own chart generation (we are using charts.js)

Important links

View data: -




Submit data:


We hope you like this project an will enjoy using it in the future.


 As tihs project is still work in progress, there might be changes in the future.

 And of course new features :-)

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