Speed Climbing Stopwatch

In speed climbing precise time measuring is very important, but it can get extremely expensive and hard to handle.

Because of that we've created a fully functional time measuring system for speed climbing, which is easy to use and affordable.


As we want our system to be fully portable and fast to deploy, everything fits into one small bag and can easily be taken everywhere it is needed. Furthermore, all components are battery powered and completely wireless.

The whole time measuring system consists of only a few essential components: A central device ("base station"), which takes the time and manages the race and some "extensions" (a startpad which detects early starts and a toppad to stop the race). In addition to that a Smartphone or Tablet  is required to control the base station via the speed climbing stopwatch app.

The whole speed climbing stopwatch project is open source!
The official repos are located in our Gitlab blue.code: https://git.itsblue.de/speedclimbing_stopwatch
Some more detailed documentation can be found here: https://doc.itsblue.de/speedclimbing_stopwatch/

Base station

The Base Station is a small pyramid-like Box that houses two speakers and a small computer (Raspberry Pi). Its job is to manage the whole race, including the extensions. The race data (current time, reaction time, etc.) can be observed with the speed climbing stopwatch app which also allows the user to start, stop and cancel the race.

 Buzzer (will be replaced by a pad soon)

The Buzzer is one of the speed climbing stopwatch extensions, it is connected to the base station and is used to stop the time measurement when the climber has reached the top of the wall and presses it.


The startpad is also a speed climbing stopwatch extension and connected to the base station. Its purpose is to detect if the climber started too early.