The Speed Climbing Stopwatch

Simple, Reliable, Portable...

The Speed Climbing Stopwatch (aka ScStw) is a modern speed climbing timing system that just works.

Why ScStw?

keep it simple

Professional time meassuring often is a hassle. The ScStw aims to change that.

Super simple

Simplicity and ease of use is one of the major features of the ScStw.

Super portable

The ScStw litterally fits in your suitcase!

Easy to deploy

The ScStw can be fully deployed within 15 minutes.

Fully wireless

Stop fighting with cables and start climbing!


You don't need to spend an arm or a leg for percise timing.

High quality

All ScStw devices are handmade in Germany!

The ScStw Base Station

The ScStw Base Station is the brain of the whole system. It meassures the time and plays the start sounds (and even the commands "At your marks" and "ready").

The ScStw Toppads

The toppdas are an essential component of every stopwatch. The ScStw comes with mechanical and stirdy toppads that can even be used outdoors on a rainy day. Furthermore, the ScStw toppads are fully wireless and, once their initially configured, only need the flick of a switch to work flawlessly,

The ScStw Startpads

Verifying that none of the competitors started too early is something that is totally impossible to do manually. Because of that, the ScStw comes with startpads on which the climbers stand at the beginning of the race. They detect the exact moment the climbers lift their feet of the ground and are therefore able to recognize when a climber starts too early.

What next?

If you got interested and want to know more about the ScStw, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you everything you need to know about it.